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The durable quality of composite

Our sustainable quality and CO2 footprint can be found in the use of composite, excellent corrosion resistance, thermal class 1 and Eurovent certification.

Our strength, your benefit


Corrosion resistance

  • Corrosion on the casing wall construction can be completely ruled out.
  • All internal and external fastening materials are made from stainless steel 304/316, with the exception of swimming pools
  • Standard casing wall construction suitable for service life “high” according to ISO 12944-2 in the highest corrosion load category: CX extreme (above C5-I and C5-M).
  • Cleaning with chemical cleaning solution permitted.
  • No permanent damage to the structure due to moisture after a disaster.
  • The casing corrosion resistance means less maintenance and subsequently less downtime.


12 year warranty on casing

Our sustainability logo stands for quality and confidence in Liberty air handling units. As such, we are the only manufacturer in the Netherlands to offer a 12-year warranty on the entire casing including frame. 

Casing means:

  • The profiles / panels of the casing
  • The inspection panels
  • The foundation frame
  • The inspection door seals
  • The locks
  • The PVC roof and framing

An extended warranty on the casing or the entire air handling unit is available on request. Ask for our warranty certificate upon delivery. (Assuming normal European climatic conditions).

Eurovent certified


Our entire Liberty series of composite air handling units is Eurovent certified. This is the industry certificate for guaranteed performance of your installation. It means you can be sure the capacities you requested in your quotation will be realised and that Life Cycle Cost calculations will be made with certified and guaranteed data. 

Various Eurovent energy labels can be issued. There are now 6 labels: A+, A, B, C, D, E where the label A+ stands for “greenest”. You can choose the energy label you want at a glance; whereby, with a Eurovent A label, the entire air handling unit qualifies for the Energy Investment Allowance EIA under number 210801 of the Energy List.

Kwaliteit en duurzaamheid

Quality & Durability

Composite: long lifespan with low maintenance costs


Service & Support

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