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Life Cycle Cost

Valid information about energy, maintenance and investment costs.

Cost of ownership

When sound technical requirements have been set, we then realise these at the lowest possible cost of ownership. A composite air handling unit with a Eurovent energy label A is a good start for your sustainable and energy-efficient project. To be for sure what the most suitable implementation is for your project, a Life Cycle Cost calculation provides a lot of certainty. For example, it is easy to compare up to three different air handling units in terms of energy, maintenance and investment costs with each calculation. 

We have Life Cycle Cost calculations for offices and utilities, including specialised calculations for swimming pools, that we can use to design, select and test your air treatment system against the new Dutch Bhvbz. This new Dutch Hygiene and Safety Bathing Establishments and Swimming Facilities Decree sets strict requirements for air quality for the first time. The value for trichloramine in the air may not exceed 0.5 mg/m³.

This new legislation is the first time air quality in swimming rooms is part of the verifiable regulations. The worst location in the swimming room is the decisive factor for this. This means the quality and uniformity of air distribution will become much more important.

Our solution for swimming pools

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